It’s that decent time of the year where it rains at least once a day, well it seems that way in town. Dunno about wherever youse are from. Anyway, it means that you need a decent coat with a mint hood, sommat a few designers out there don’t seem to understand. I’ve had a few real nice coats over the years that the hood has just let them down.

MA:Strum have you sorted though, they’ve just released some photos from the cookbook of their AW15 range and they seem to have the decent hoods boxed off, look at it. One of those where when you have it on, you can just zone out of everything else going on in town and just get to the pub. they’ve not just got coats with hoods though, they’ve got plenty of other coats and that in some lovely colours and with proper big pockets. What more could you ever want? A harrington, in case it for some reason get’s warm again? Yeah they’ve got that as well.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram, and we’ll let youse know when you can buy them.IMG_2605 IMG_2778 IMG_2975 IMG_3011 IMG_3087 IMG_3195 IMG_3491 IMG_3495 IMG_3519 IMG_3640 IMG_3699 IMG_3752