Here’s a tip for you, go follow that Cabin Porn Instagram page. So when you’re working your well paid dead end job and you’re sat having a shit and checking Instagram you can just get dead jealous that people are out there living in these things having a well better life than you. But, lads, there’s a massive silver lining, they’re all probably proper badly dressed Bon Iver looking types, so y’know, you have that over them.

Get yourselves over to Working Class Heroes cos they’ve got a load of proper nice Patagonia gear that’s definitely gonna make you look like you own one of those decent cabins even if yer definitely still in yer ma’s box room. But what we’re really into is the Snap T’s especially that effort in red and navy, fucking look at it proper, proper nice. Match that up with a pair of Fracaps and decent bit of denim and you’re sorted for that mint pseudo hiker look that gets all those 40 year old casuals proper fuming.

But seriously, it’s absolutely mint, it’s a light fleece so it’s perfect for this surprise warm weather we’ve been having the last couple of days, or as a middle layer, maybe with one of those Torrentshells of Patagonia’s (Working Class Heroes do them as well) and that two tone red and navy colour way, dunno how you couldn’t be into it, I am and so should you.




Another firm favourite of ours at GTE is the Down Shirt in Andes blue, it’s a right blue as well, absolutely nailed that hikerdelia look that other brands try and fail to achieve. I’ve had a few bit of this ultra light down stuff before and it’s warmer than you’d think, could easily wear it with just a t-shirt in autumn and be alright, but obviously you should be completely #menswear and layer up, regardless of the weather.



Like I said though, there’s a massive collection of Patagonia over at Working Class Heroes from bobble hats to rugby shirts so you’ll be sorted for the up coming cold weather and still look absolutely mint, and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day init, fuck fancy looking cabins, the owners all look like Bon Iver anyway.

Head over to Working Class Heroes.