Right, lads. Imagine the impossible has happened here, in-between you checking your Instagram likes and tweeting something stat related about your local football team of choice, a girl has actually matched with you on Tinder, and she’s up for actually meeting you in real life.

You aren’t gonna get far in  a pair of EG fatigues, Wigwams and Birkenstocks, soz lads girls don’t care about Instagram numbers. But don’t worry, Stuarts London have got you covered with these proper nice looking shirts from Portuguese Flannels, I’d never head of them before but these shirts look mint. Match these up with a decent lambswool jumper and a pair of chinos and you’re buzzing for that date with some bird off Tinder, or bearded men off the internet, all the same thing, isn’t it?

But no seriously these shirts are lovely, you’ve got a bunch of really nice checks that are gonna sort you out for all occasions, but then they’ve thrown a nice bit of navajo pattern in there which is something we don’t see enough of, but i’m a massive fan of it. My favourites are the red and green checks (which I’m definitely saving for going out for a Christmas day pint with my old man) and the green, blue and yellow checks, which is fast gonna become a wardrobe staple for me.

As the name says they’re all flannel which means they’re proper decent quality and for the price you should get a couple and be sorted incase you ever do get that notification off Tinder…

Available from Stuarts London right now