We’re big fans of Levi’s Vintage Clothing at GTE, mostly because Levi’s have basically watched Stand By Me loads and decided to make some clothes based on it. Which is mint because every single rig out in Stand By Me is very #menswear. Especially Gordie’s red striped t-shirt matched with stonewashed jeans and a pair of Chuck Taylors. If you’re after looking like an American kid who spends his time hanging about in a treehouse with his mates and walking down train tracks looking for dead bodies then Stuarts London have you covered with Levi’s Vintage Clothing.

Levis looked through their archives and realised they’ve been pretty good at making jeans over the years and decided to revisit some of them. The thing I like about this is the change in fits of the jeans over the years, so you’ve got the pairs from the 50’s that are a bit looser fit but then when you start getting towards the late 70’s you’re getting a more tapered fit of jeans and a lot less of that classic blue and more your popular darker raw denim. Quite interesting to see what subcultures and styles changed how Levi’s made their denim over the years. They’ve also got a fair few pairs in selvedge that’re pre faded for people like me who can’t really be arsed waiting around waiting for my denim to fade, but absolutely buzz off fades.

Other strong points in the collection are the t-shirts, proper Gordie esque, vertical stripes and proper 70’s/80’s colour ways, decent for the late summer months to go with the denim and a pair of Chuck Taylors (the 1970’s or first string, naturally) Keep an eye on them because the A/W collections tend to bring some nice denim and cord jackets that’s always worth having in the wardrobe.

Stuarts have a nice collection of different fits in at the moment, some of them in the sale as well, so be quick and go get yourself some denim in the fit yer da would have probably worn.

Get it here.