It’s coming to the end of Summer, and if you’re proper #menswear you’ve probably referenced that mint set of photos of JFK on his yacht at least a few times and I don’t blame you, he looks pure ivy league, it’s a strong look that we’re massive fans of over here at GTE.

Anyone who knows anything, knows that if you’re going for that ivy look then Sebago’s are a must, pair them up with a decent pair of chinos and a blue oxford or a Lacoste polo and you’re pretty much set to be hanging about on a massive fuck off yacht with Jordan Belfort or hammering it about Pasadena in a little red Alfa Romeo with Benjamin Braddock, pure ivy league.

You’re in luck cos Priory Menswear have got some Sebagos in at the moment, perfect for some late summer sun. Our favourites at the moment are the Sebago Jobson Docksides in the sand suede. The suede mixed with the legendary Sebago grip sole you’re gonna be sorted for impressing that big down the pub or getting hammered on a barge with your mates, that classic moccasin toe just screams pure ivy league, doesn’t it?

Priory Menswear have got these in a full size run at the moment but once everyone gets on to them they’ll be soon to sell out so don’t be hanging about.

Sebago-12 Sebago-11 Sebago-9 Sebago-8 Sebago-7 Sebago-6