Flying Horse Indigo Goods are a ‘dark horse’ when it comes to producing quality garments.  The brand is fortunate enough to be able to use on some of their products, ethically sourced, natural indigo dye obtained from the Indigofera tinctoria plant.  Whereas Most manufacturers now use synthetic indigo dyes.  Additionally, at Flying Horse they like to keep their garments eco friendly, for example their denim jeans are made with 60% cotton and 40% hemp construction.  The reason for this is because hemp fibre is much stronger than most fabrics and can also be recycled which supports that concept of, ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ way of living for all you tree-huggers out there.  However, Europe and America have used hemp to produce marijuana which has led to strict government controls of planting and growing it.  Flying Horse argue, it is unfortunate as it has led to the plant being overlooked for its other practical and indeed beneficial use as a strong fibre.

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Enough doom and gloom.  Flying Horse Indigo Goods are celebrating the launch of their new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection and would love for you to be there to celebrate and get squiffy with them on the peeve.  The event is a photographic exhibition consisting of portraits of the brand’s most well known fans; Nicholas Pinnock (Fortitude) takes centre stage as Flying Horse Brand Ambassador and stands alongside John Giddings,  Jonjo O’Neill (The Fall), Calum Callaghan (Mr. Selfridge), Alex Lanipuken (Homeland) and Jimmy Akingbola (Out of Darkness) amongst others. Each subject wears their favourite pieces from the latest Flying Horse Indigo Goods collection.  The collection features the brand’s stamp of yellow selvedge jeans and collection of indigo shirts.  Most of all, the genius way the brand utilises the different use of indigo dyes for its styles and the knowledge it has gained from the use of cotton/hemp mixed fabrics.

The exhibition photographer, Gary Wallis, has been a freelance photographer for 20 years, working mainly in fashion and portraiture. His first book,  ‘McQueen backstage – the early shows’, a previously unseen collection of images from Alexander McQueen’s first shows, has recently been published by big smile publishing. He has done photo shoots for magazines around the world including, Japanese Vogue, Dutch Elle, British Marie Claire, The Independent Magazine, The Evening Standard, Dazed and Confused, Swedish Slitz Magazine to name but a few.  His commercial clients have included Flying Horse, Topman, Motorolla, Lloyds, Harper Collins amongst others.


Like I said, if you are in and around London tomorrow head to the Newburgh Street store for the private view and a drink or two, three or four!

Event sponsored by Bushmills Whiskey.

More info @ Flying Horse Indigo Goods