It’s always good when internet m8s make mint things, it’s even better when what they’re making is inspired by your team. RossoBianoNero1878 make clothes inspired by United, except actually decent, and not proper shit. They did a hat based on the kit that Cantona wore when he kicked that scruff from Crystal Palace, and if you don’t think that’s mint, you’re probably a scruff from Crystal Palace.

As I said, they do hats, but started doing clothes and shoes recently as well. They’re doing them better than most other brands as well, y’know. Recently doing a couple of shoes with Padmore and Barnes, the Irish Clarks. They’re mint as well, proper mint.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk shoes. Cos I’m more arsed about their ‘Schmockle’ right now, I’ve been seeing pictures of it pop up on Instagram for a while now. It’s coat that’s gonna sort you out for winter, it’s got one of those mint snorkel parka esque hoods without making you look like you fancy Paul Wellers haircut, and comes with two massive fuck off pockets you’re definitely gonna lose all your gear in and find months later when you’re broke.

It comes with all the nice details that RossoBiancoNero put into their stuff, red, white and black stitching dotted about and a few others that’ll you can find out when you buy it. Cos you will buy it, cos it’s mint and there’s a chance if I see you about town in it when I’m pissed I’ll chat your ear off about dying and getting pissed with Georgie Best.

You can pre order it via email now, here