Dunno if it was case on estates all over England, or if it was just because the estate I grew up on was close enough to Bolton without actually being from Bolton and having one of those weird accents they all have. But everyone around my age, especially the older scally lads had Reeboks, mostly Classics, but the odd Workout was also thrown in there. Any time I see a pair, I always think about playing football with one of those proper battered footballs.

The Predator can get to fuck, nothing gets a Beckham esque curl on a ball than a pair of Classics.

You’ve probably heard by now that Oi Polloi have had a big love in with Reebok and done a trainer together, the Reebok NPC UK II (roman numerals for 2 that, lads) which isn’t that much of a surprise considering that Steve and Nige have a penchant for dipping into their past and plucking out absolute gems for everyone to start buzzing over and getting the Instagram likes up. They’re trying to market them as tennis shoes but we all know they’re for wearing while you’re climbing on the roof of your school and playing manhunt in.

Fact is, these shoes are probably gonna bring back some memories for you. Just don’t try and wear the clothes you was wearing back then you don’t wanna look like an Awaydays extra on Instagram. Personally, i’m gonna match my pair up with a decent pair of dark tailored denim and a Good Measure sweat, like a Manc Scandinavian match up.

They’re out on Tuesday 4th July at 10am. As with all Oi Polloi stuff these have a massive chance of selling out. So if they do, don’t have a cry about it on Twitter, you’re 40 year old.

Reebok_Oi_Polloi_NPC_UK_II-01-1024x1024 Reebok_Oi_Polloi_NPC_UK_II-03-1024x1024 Reebok_Oi_Polloi_NPC_UK_II-04-1024x1024 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-01-1024x683 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-02-1024x683 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-03-1024x784 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-011-1024x683 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-012-1024x683 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-021-1024x683 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-031-1024x683