Eat Dust is a Belgian clothing brand based just outside the city of Antwerp.  Centralised by friendship and mutual interest their main ethos is concerned with the production of ‘proper’ garments; not simply about making it in the fashion industry but using fabrics and designs that will stand the test of time.


For example the Fit376 Rider Jacket – A heavy duty denim jacket made in 13 1/4 ounce, double ring, Japanese, indigo blue selvage denim.  I can imagine that wearing something like this could make you feel like you are wearing a bullet proof vest!  Quality stitching and sewing featured throughout the piece with detailed signature EatDust logo engraving upon the back and front of the buttons.



The quality continues with the Navy Double Breasted Summer Caban and the Khaki Service Blazer.  The double breasted jacket being produced with a heavy duty gabardine cotton mixture.  In other words, the fabric is tough and rigid, as it has been tightly woven over and over again, to accomplish the EatDust aims of making long lasting garments.  Even though it is summer, the Khaki Blazer is a must have for those winter months to come and we all know there is always room for another winter jacket; even in the summer.  It is constructed from 100% dead stock, Belgian Army Wool; I didn’t even know there was such a thing as ‘dead stock wool’ until writing this feature but being apparently quite difficult to source makes it a very exclusive fabric.  In finding vintage wools and bringing them ‘back to life’, the brand interprets what they believe a ‘true blazer’ should feel and look like.  Each jacket has subtle features such as reinforced pockets that are lined with stripe oxford fabric, along with elbow pads and again with signature buttons.  For people who want a more ‘Ivy Look’ while wearing a blazer EatDust have made matching pants for each jacket, constructed  with the same fabrics and there is even a waistcoat for the Khaki outfit.

Eat Dust is definitely a game changer and has made it’s mark within the workwear industry.

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