I love getting a new pair of shoes! But, wearing them to the pub or a night out is so risky.  That ‘one drink’, invariably in my case, never seems to pan out.  It so often turns into three or four and the next thing I know I’m clubbing in town with mates till the early hours.  And the next morning?  With a feeling of dread I wake up with two questions in mind; How much money is left in my bank account and what kind of battering have my shoes taken on the rain soaked street and treacherous club floors.  For all you old farts out there this probably is not the problem, yet I bet after a few in the pub your aim in the urinal is off target and none of us can prevent the old problem of splash back.  However, there is now a solution to help take the mud, booze, p*ss and general grime off our shoes and there are even specialised paints and glues for those more severe cases.

The solution is Sneakers ER, created by two Glaswegian sneaker-heads Al and Rob.  Al has an extensive history and knowledge with trainers; in 2012 he co-wrote the ‘DRESSERS’ book all about the 80’s Casual culture which has been hugely successful.  Al is currently owner of The Clyde Works and Direct Leather Supplies.  Rob is said to be one of the world’s best sneakers restorers, with continuous work on ‘sole’ transplants and ‘re-shapes’, if you have any holy grails that need seeing too Rob is the go to guy.  If you do not believe me check out his IG ‘Glasgowrob’.  In 2013 the two came up with an ingenious idea to bring good quality products of shoe care to the market.  Both thinking the products needed were to be; sneaker cleaners, protectors, dyes & paints, glues.  From past experiences of going to some cobbler shops I have been wary on whether the product is going to make things better or worse for my shoes.  But from looking at their IG account and seeing the results from their products it is hard not to believe it.  The partners have been pushing the company further and further by working for the past 2 years alongside award winning industries,  gaining experience and knowledge in continuous work for better results for their own products.


To help keep your shoes clean, protected and even to repair during this summer, Sneakers ER is definitely worth looking into.

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