On the design front 2015 looks to be a big year for Our Legacy.  The Spring/Summer collection offers a variation of fabrics and design techniques.  All pieces given a strong contemporary Scandinavian design; with fabrics being sourced from Italy and products being made in Portugal.  The collection features a number of overcoats, jackets, shirts and pants.  The primary fabric is linen/cotton mix for shirts and in my opinion offer a cool feel.  The linen/nylon mixes for the waterproof base jackets will again keep you cool but dry over the summer.  The main new technique in this collection is an Italian basket weave knit for over coats and suits, this gives the product a mid-weight feel and allows the fabric to breathe.


Ever wondered what a Scandinavian Ivy Leaguer would look like? Nope? Me either until I looked through the collection and saw these two pictures.  Taking on a simple design with a contemporary outlook to it’s products, Our Legacy achieves this by never giving too little or too much, the designs have the perfect amount of detail and quality to each garment.

Our_Legacy_003_1366-450x675-381x572Our_Legacy_006_1366-450x675-381x572 To make this a big year for Our Legacy, 2015 is the first year they have entered the eyewear market.  By designing a 15 piece unisex collection based upon three models ‘Embrace’, ‘Faith’ and my personal favourite ‘Void’.  Each named after some of the 1980’s best hardcore bands.  The three model specifications coming in many different colours.  All of the eyewear in the collection is handmade in Portugal and features Mazzucchelli acetate frames and UV 400 lenses from the famed optical instrumentalists Carl Zeiss;  illustrating the thorough quality Our Legacy wanted for it’s debut eyewear collection.  I could imagine that for the ‘Void’ and ‘Embrace’ designs, with the wide circular lenses and key-hole nose rest; they have taken inspiration from the character, Atticus Finch from the American classic, ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’.  So, if you fancy a really vintage look, possibly like a U.S lawyer in the 1930’s, then the Our Legacy eyewear is right up your street. 3115_7b496b7160-front-rtail-standard3117_3fc77c349f-front-rtail-standard 3130_44c98a38b4-front-rtail-standard3140_ea4fa4987f-front-rtail-standard

Our Legacy Spring/Summer 2015 collection is something simple but not simplistic.

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