Brigitte Bardot, croissants, Zinedine Zidane, May 68 student riots, Jean Luc Godard, that white French shirt from the last world cup, Serge Gainsbourg, the Tour de France, Art Nouveau, Footix. For some reason, France get’s a bad rep, dunno why. It’s mint, they had a big revolution and killed a load of monarchs, and remember Zidane’s head butt on Materazzi?

To top all that off, they have Arpenteur, a fairly new brand, they’ve only been about the last four years or so, but y’know they’re definitely the people’s favourites, they take their inspirations from a lot of different very French subjects, the big ones are dock work wear and those nice smocks that only artists can usually pull off, but Arpenreur have redesigned them to make them look decent on you, so you can look the part when you’re in front of that fit girl who does art at Uni and pretending you know what she’s on about. We’ve been there. 


 Their SS15 collection is the strongest i’ve seen this year, it’s full of dead smart jackets, denim overshirts, smocks and a denim version of those caps you see all those cool cyclists wearing in pictures of the Tour de France from years back.

My stand out jacket from this for me is the Short Mevi Jacket in off white sail, I can’t wait to buy it. I’ve looked at pictures of it almost daily on the internet, the colour is mint, I’ll be scared to wear it every time I go out, but it’ll probably look good with beer all up the arms from leaning on the bar. The hood on it is mint as well, got a peak on it, so even if it’s no raining and you wanna put it up, you’ll look fine and not like a scally. Sommat needs to be said about the branding as well, a nice little white and red label along the bottom hem, really subtle and not over the top, it finished it off perfectly.


The ‘linen denim’ jacket/overshirt and popover shirt/smock, both would look class with a pair of navy shorts and some boat shoes I reckon. I’m gonna be brave here and say you could even double up on the denim with a pair of jeans if you wanted. I’m not sure I would want to, a pair of chinos with these will look good and set you right up for summer evenings on the French riviera, or by the Irwell. 


Oi Polloi have them it all in, make time out of your weekend to pop down and check it out. Honestly, it’s all bloody lovely. If not, check it out online here.