Collective Noun has a patriotic approach when it comes to design.  Using fabrics from British mills to take on a contemporary design with subtle details and heavy-duty wear within it’s range.  The founder of the brand is Sam Dormer; a professional armourer.  In his SS15 collection we can see how his one passion for armoury has merged into his passion for quality clothing.  The new collection includes versatile military smocks and classic firearms t-shirts.  One of my favourites from the collection is the Half Button Tactical Smock which includes military features for example, big hand warmers and sleeve pockets.  With these military features in mind, these garments are clean cut and an exciting take on the standard smock designs of today.  More of the armoury theme coming into the designs is shown within the t-shirt range.  Featuring blueprints and assembly drawings of some of the worlds iconic firearms; including the MkII Sten gun used by British paratroopers and French resistance fighters during WWII and the Beretta 92, used by special forces the world over.

Front SQ BrownFront sq Black

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