Retailer Kinoko Cycles have only recently updated their summer collection upon the Swedish outdoor brand, Klättermusen.  The brand’s concept is to give an individual, practical, everyday wear, with bonus of it being environmentally friendly due to the materials used to create products; as their motto is, ‘Maximum safety for you, minimum impact on nature’.  Founded in 1984, Klättermusen is a perfect example of excellent craftsmanship, building on ideas of what true explorers need when venturing out either to the rocky mountains of Scotland or just the chilly route to the pub.  The brand has won many awards for its features when it comes to it’s products with the use of toxin-free textiles and taking these textiles to expand and succeed beyond other brands in durability and functionality.  The one main feature which caught my eye was the feature of a ‘D-ring’, so that whilst perhaps trekking up a mountain and the body temperature rises, with the easily pulled D-ring the body can be ventilated and cooled down without having to remove your layers.  The ‘D-ring’ allows for the garment to stay together while ventilating.  Keeping you cool and dry.


As shown in the photos we see some of my favourites from the collection.  Allgrön hardshell jacket, the Kvaser softshell hoody and Ratatosk 2.0 rolltop backpack.  Through ingenious designs and material like the Kevlar on the base of their Mimer daypack and Duracoat it allows for reinforcement on the hard-wearing points of their products. Klättermusen pieces as their motto says, they give ‘Maximum safety for you, minimum impact on nature’.





For fans of high standard quality, then this is the brand for you.  Klättermusen in itself is an art form pushing the boundaries of resilience and functionality within their range, yet always being environmentally conscious in design.

Joe Redmayne