If you have been hiding away this year, 2015 is the 25th anniversary of the Gel Lyte III shoe design from Asics.  The significance of the anniversary can only mean one thing, Gel Lyte III will be dominating the market throughout the year for highly anticipated collaborations.  Through the months other collaborators from brands and retailers such as Concepts, Colette, Bait and many more will be lending a helping hand on design.  During early March, we have already seen the release of the Size? Exclusive 25th anniversary pack with two colour way designs ‘Iris’ and ‘Tsavorite’.  For any huge Asics connoisseurs it’s going to be an expensive year ahead.

The Asics Gel Lyte III shoe was designed by Japanese designer Shigeyuki Mitsui in the 1990’s.  As we know the Japanese are flawless for when it comes to functionality, design and durability.  The design features a triple-density sole, minimal but effective Gel cushioning and a split tongue, giving you comfort and stability all in one and that is why the Gel Lyte III is still a champion within the trainer industry today.

The technical side may not have changed much from the 1990’s but everyone wants to make their own mark upon the triumphant Asics Gel Lyte III.  For example, Swiss retailer Titolo is next in line to collaborate with their release which came out Saturday the 28th of March.  The design of the shoe is centralised by the concept of traditional Swiss craft – ‘Scherenschnitt’.  This translates into English as ‘Papercut’; using paper as art to create symmetry in designs and romanticised silhouettes.  This concept is shown skilfully within the shoe itself by the intricate patterns displaying the black and white sockliner, the iconic Asic 3M side stripes and insoles.  The colourway adds to the swiss craft with black uppers, red silhouette detailing of a romanticised boy and girl on the back of the heels.  To complete the design there are subtle bursts of red detailing upon lining, outsole and laces.

Titolo’s aesthetic design upon the Gel Lyte III is something majestic yet devilish in looks.

Joe Redmayne   asics_25th_titolo_2-1 asics_25th_titolo_7-1 asics_25th_titolo_14-1-1024x683 Titolo-x-ASICS-Gel-Lyte-III-Paper-Cut-05