D’you remember the World Cup? Tea time kick offs, Thomas Muller’s socks, Robin Van Persie’s flying header and David Luiz crying. Dead good wasn’t it? It needed sommat pretty special to out shadow the World Cup, but Mundial magazine definitely did that.


Anyway, our internet mates over at Mundial have done another one, and they’re planning to do another 3 over the next year which is good, cos what they’re putting out isn’t just your typical football magazine, it’s got loads of decent content in there, sommat about those bobble hats everyone enjoys wearing and fanzines so if you’re not that arsed about football you can still buy it.


My favourite article in it is where they send a scouser to Englands training camp and he acts like a goth in a PE lesson for two days. It’s 7 quid an issue or 20 quid to subscribe which is stupid prices, they’re basically giving it away for that. Also everyone who has got one keeps going on about them smelling nice so theres that as well.

Our mates over at Casual Connoisseur are selling them here, and you can subscribe for all four, and it’s  worth doing if I’m honest with you, there’ll be plenty more scousers to laugh at over the next three issues, probably. Can subscribe here