A long time ago, I was in a band and living in Manchester. As a perk of the job, our PR agency sent us some free Clarks, stay with me, there really is a point to this.

At the time I lived with a Wu Tang obsessed dealer from the Midlands and I was bemused to say the least, when his eyes popped out on stalks and his tongue started wagging at the Ebony suede Wallabees that lay in front of him.

My point here, is that Clarks have universal appeal. At the time I had come from the school of thought that associated Clarks with mod, with going on the game on a Saturday, I had no clue they were the staple footwear of Staten Island hip hop crews, let alone revered as status symbols amongst the Dancehall and Ragga scenes of Jamaica.

It’s simple really, Clarks are the best, suitable for any occasion and if looked after, wearable for years.

This leads me to these new Cola suede Wallabees sent to us by the good people at Aphrodite. As ever, simplicity is key, little has changed since their 1967 genesis as the ‘Grasshopper’ based on a moccasin style shape by a company called Sioux.

It’s a crepe soul, it’s suede, it’s got the little Clarks tab on the laces, what more can you really, really want?

Clarks Original Wallabees are available to purchase at http://www.aphrodite1994.com/brands/clarks-originals/ now.