Summer is mint, init. Summer holidays and getting to play manhunt till dead late cos it doesn’t go dark till about 10 at night. That’s if you’re 9 year old anyway. When you’re an adult, Summer is shit. Let’s be honest. You’re just roasting all day cos the heating in the office is broke again so it’s on and when you finally get out, the beer gardens are hammered. Much prefer winter, me. 
So when a video for the Timothy Everest A/W15 collection got dropped in my inbox this week I was proper buzzing, it’s like a trailer for a Channel Four drama. Full of images of moody lighting and fog, the type of imagery you only get in winter when you’re up for work and it feels like the middle of the night, cut with nice shots of tailoring. 
This is just a teaser of the range they’ve got coming out for A/W15, but we saw some of it at Jacket Required a few weeks back and it looks proper good. As you can see from the teaser images, Timothy Everest has combined a tailored clean look with a more casual kinda feel.
It works really well, that olive jacket that has influences of a chore coat with the matching pants and waistcoat really works for me. It’s got me excited about that proper clean look that I think English tailors do very well. I’ve been wearing a lot of Japanese/American workwear inspired clothes recently and seeing this stuff has made me want to start ditching the pockets. Blasphemous, I know. 
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