After a successful interview with the guys behind Ardour Brand, we kept pestering them for a top three, and it’s here. Saul has chosen his selection and the reason behind each choice.


I think I echo the stress of the dilemma faced by any obsessive when asked to choose their top 3, whatever the focus of their obsession may be. All I can say is that I’m glad it wasn’t my top 3 records I had to pick – because then we’d be knackered.

As much as I would love to stick another half a dozen jackets in here, which in my humble opinion are worthy of a place in GTE’s top 3, I’ve kept within the brief and picked out 3 that are just that little bit more special to me.

As someone whose jacket wardrobe resembles a pretty healthy rainbow at the best of times, with an array of shades on show that Jacob would have been proud to own when his technicoloured dream coat got a bit too battered, there’s a vivid array of colour going on here with my choices  – apologies if you’re colour blind.


Mackintosh Dunoon


If we’re talking quintessential, classic British style then Mackintosh pretty much encapsulates that for me. There’s just something about a perfectly cut bonded cotton mac that sits right: classy, sophisticated and incredibly wearable. I’ve never been one to shy away from dropping a bit of colour into the mix and so this apple green dunoon ticks all the right boxes for me. It looks ace sported with a cap and a pair of wallabies, or if you’re on a Patrick Bateman kind of vibe then whip the hood off and go all out suave and watch the heads twitch as you give it some Barry big bollocks strides down the street – it never fails.


Colimbo Hunting Goods Burlington Flats Wind Jacket


I’m sure we’ve all got that jacket that we’ll never part with whatever the circumstances and this is mine. Colimbo Hunting Goods, a Japanese resurrected old American Tri-County clothing manufacturing company, make some of the highest quality clothing I’ve ever come across. I was lucky enough to snag this from Hickorees (the only one they had) via some crafty transatlantic emailing. It wasn’t cheap to import, but the rape charges from customs were worth it and I’d go as far as saying it may well be the only one in the country – unless you know how to negotiate Japanese Rakuten. I’ve worn this jacket to death, in clubs, in pubs, to the match, on dates and it always looks killer. It’s just one of those jackets, you know?



Mackintosh104  x Golden Fox


To round things off I’ve gone for another Mackintosh effort and to be honest I’m feeling pretty guilty about it. There are several other candidates that I considered getting a place in my top 3, including a calico print engineer’s jacket from Post O’alls and a rather dashing salmon pink Mt.Rainier parka, but in the end I chose this. From the 104 line and a collaborative one off with Golden fox, this is a behemoth bit of kit. Granted its tango orange, which pretty much means you need a hefty set of nads on you to wear it around the concrete jungles of Britain, but  it is what it is. It goes without saying that the quality is through the stratosphere and it definitely shows. A colossal piece of outwear that I’m very lucky to own.



Many thanks to Saul for his selection, head over to Ardour Brand here to see what they have instore for us over the upcoming months.