I have family from Bolton, me Mum is from there, or there abouts, I think. It was my parents favourite place to drag us on a Saturday to go shopping, I don’t know why. I used to love it at the time, cos the main street in Bolton had these three concrete elephants you wasn’t allowed to climb on but everyone did anyway. They were my favourite thing about Bolton when I was 5, and probably carried on being so till I heard about Walsh from the brand by the twins from Stockport, y’know the one. 

In a time where trainers seem to be the most coveted items on the planets with queues and exhibitions happening, there’s something quite nice and low key about Walsh. I like what they do, they’re made in England, and only up the road from my house, and a mates band played in their workshop once, it’s good that.

Anyway, Universal Works have paired up with them, and done something proper bloody nice. They’ve done three pairs of the Ensign, originally created for the 1981 NYC Marathon, but just given it some pure luxury, with some soft leather, suede and pig skin linings, simplified it all and gave it a decent midsole that looks, real, real comfy. 

Like I said, they’ve done three versions, first up, and my personal favourites, the Tokyo, it’s the all navy suede one, and it’s based on Japanese indigo that Universal Works. Next up is the Paris, that’s the sand/beige looking one, this comes in a nice mix of suede and leather and is based on the Parisian Haussmann architecture. Lastly, it’s the London, that’s the all black one, that’s based on their recent LCM presentation. 

They’re ready to buy from their site now, using this linklink. I’m gonna go get a pair of the Tokyo’s, grab a Greggs sausage roll and sit on the concrete elephants in Bolton town centre like I’m 5 year old again.