I’m so glad to represent my favourite jackets via your website. It was tough choice as I got some really nice and rare pieces.
After some time I decided to include the following jackets into my top three list.

1. Nigel Cabourn Mallory Jacket (and Mallory Vest)

One of Sir Nigel’s staples, this made in Great Britain jacket is represented in different versions – cotton canvas, denim, but my favourite and most recognizable version is from Harris Tweed with Ventile parts. There is also the Mallory Vest, which percfectly matches this jacket.

2. Eastman Leather Clothing G-1 Jacket

This all-time classic flight jacket was originally been worn by US Navy. Eastman Leather Clothing version is one of the best and precise which are produced nowadays. Made in Great Britain from quality goatskin leather, it features mouton sheepskin collar and USN stencil behind it. 

3. RRL Roper Denim Jacket

This Ralph Lauren’s version of classic denim jacket was made in USA from quality selvedge denim. Purchased it in RRL Malibu store during my US trip and visited LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Grand Canyon wearing it.

Thanks to Ivan for an impressive selection, follow him on Instagram under the handle: @ordiakov