I was guilty of seriously overthinking this when GTE first asked me to supply my Top Three. Shall I do my top three military, top three work wear or top three hunting coats? As a self confessed jacket hoarder it was a difficult choice as I’ve been collecting vintage stuff ,and jackets especially, for well over 20 years.

I had a snoop thru some of the past Top Three’s and saw some great posts: Robbie’s RRL Browns and Kenneth Mac’s Smock (go and read about them!) both of which I have similar versions that I’d like to share with you at some point. But for my Top Three I’m sharing the three jackets that I’ve worn most so far in 2015.

First up, a 1951 Aviator Clothing Co. Cold Weather Parka. This is a US Airforce design from 1947 and would have originally come with a pile liner but I wear it sized down without the liner to give a slightly more modern fit. I love the little details such as the belt, the little leather discs that guide the hood string and that label!

unnamed (1)

Next is a late 60’s or early 70’s Eddie Bauer Shawl Collar Quilted Bomber… I love this one; the colour the shape, the collar and the warmth! I’m a sucker for a Talon Zipper too…

unnamed (2)

Last is a Whitings Shawl Collar Letterman Jacket from 1970. I love the colour and the fit is spot on. Also, the quality of the knitted collar and cuffs is right up there and feels super comfy yet robust at the same time. Oh… And it’s got a “J” on it!

unnamed (3)

Thanks to Jamie for his top three, check out Pure Retro on Instagram under the username; @pure_retro and head over to their eBay store.