Stop the press, the Scandinavian menswear masters have done it again.

SS15 from Norse Projects is predictably brilliant, focusing on their tried and tested ethos of functional basics influenced by Nordic weather and surroundings, this up and coming range allows you to look sharp and stay ahead of the crowd without ever shouting too loud about it.

Branding, as ever, is at a minimum, so as to not ruin the basic and functional silhouette of each garment. 

Stand out pieces include a chambray work jacket, perfect for layering if the spring rain kicks in, or weather permitting, an ideal bit of day/evening wear.

The workwear theme continues but with a twist in the form of several new floral patterns for the braver of us, and for those of us taken with all things nautical there is a neat looking  hooded smock, ideal with a Breton jersey underneath.

In terms of shirts, the floral theme continues without ever being too ‘Club Tropicana’ and they sit perfectly under the Norse take on the bomber jacket.
The Scandi-folk have also been optimistic about the weather in Blighty and delivered a range of shorts, which as we’ve come to expect, are clean cut and functional.

To cut a long story short, if you want something functional, neat and skilfully crafted, or if you’re just jaded with over branded and fussy apparel, you know where to look, North.

For more SS15, head over to Norse Projects now.