Y’know that scene in Apocalypse Now, where Kilgore is on the beach, napalm is going off all around them, he’s just going on about surfing? Probably my favourite scene in the whole film, that. 

Reminds me of this S/S15 range by TSPTR, it means ‘Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste, Recognition’ if you’re arsed. I like it though, the kinda hashtags you’d see on a wanky Instagram page. 


I’m a big fan of TSPTR, it’s the type of brand I’d have if I wasn’t a right lazy bastard. This range is influenced massively with counter culture, mixing that hippy war veteran kinda vibe with Snoopy and his gang. It’s all clever though, it’s posing as a collaboration with a comic strip, but it’s got protests about the Vietnam war in there. I didn’t realise that till me mate who’s off to Vietnam pointed it out. I like stuff like that, makes you feel like you’ve done something with your day learning information like that. 

My favourite piece has got to be the ‘Gold Tiger Snoopy Souvenir Jacket’ I was never a big fan of clothing with camo patterns on it till last year, but I realised the errors of my ways. The camo on this is the ‘tiger stripe’ and it’s mint, it looks kinda like waves or mountains. It’s got a nice little military looking TSPTR branding on it and a Snoopy badge with Vietnam war undertones. Think it looks mint, i’ve ordered one. 

They’ve also done a collaboration with TOPO Designs, the bag makers, and it’s proper good. I’m the least out doors kinda person going, I’ve got all the clothes for it, but no chance am I going for a trek, not when episodes of New Girl need to be watched, but this bag is the type of bag I’d be using if I was heading into the jungle, baring in mind all i’d be taking into the jungle would be bottles of Sierra Nevada pale ale and spare pairs of Wigwams. 

Anyway, they’ve brought you a big range of products from tshirts, jackets, caps by Ebbets, bags by TOPO Designs, socks that look like Charlie Browns tshirt and bucket hats that look like those customised helmets the solider wore in Vietnam.

For more of TSPTR then head over to their website here