We have asked workwear connoisseur, Robbie Peru, to give us his favourite selection from his huge wardrobe, here’s what he’s given us.

RRL Browns Beach Jacket

RRL Brown Beach

Originally, Browns Beach fabric was first manufactured around 1900 by Mr William W. Brown in Worcester, Massachusetts and was a staple for railroad workers, hunters and anyone with outdoor labour. Original jackets and the amazing vests from 40’s and 50’s can command upwards of £600 in semi-decent nick.
This faithful, modern, highly limited edition reproduction by RRL was a great find that I managed to get for a very good price. Truly special and truly rare.

Edwin Rafterman Plaid Jacket

A widely available and excellent Denim brand here, good old Edwin!
I’ve had a few Edwin jackets over the years and they’ve all been slightly disappointing for one reason or another, but this jacket they got dead right.
Hefty plaid with great pockets and everything placed well, even down to the leather football buttons. It always gets great comments and I wish I’d picked up the black/green one too when I had the chance.

RRL Empire Wabash Chore Jacket

RRL Chore Jacket
Yeah, ok, it’s supposed to be top 3 but I have to sneak a bit of denim in here.
This was a more recent buy, again from those fine fellows at RRL. I’m a massive fan of wabash denim, created by applying a pinstripe hold-off on the fabric before the dying process. This denim style dates back to olde days, early 1800’s by native Americans and Stifle & Sons for railroad workers. The jacket is a great fit, all the details, pocket placements and construction are cock on.


Many thanks to Robbie for his selection, if you don’t already follow him on Instagram (robbieperu) or head over to Heritage Standard for more workwear goodness.


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