The Wallabee is a modern classic. It’s timeless.

When a shoe has been worn by everyone from Ghostface Killah, Wes Anderson and Walter White, it’s hard not to be. The cola suede Wallys are the ones for me. But I won’t have any problems ditching them for the latest drop by Clarks, I’m fickle like that, and there is some right lovely suede action going on.

If you don’t know the Wallabee by now then you don’t deserve a pair of feet, if I’m honest. What else are you wearing to go about your everyday business? They’re comfy, they look mint with denim, cords or chinos and if you spot anyone else about wearing them y’know that you’re both living the dream and can nod and smile at each other like the #menswear version of a VW Beetle owner.

StormMaplePeachDark Green

Anyway, this latest drop is real nice, the stand outs for me are the sand suede with that leather finishing around the ankle and leather lace tag, reckon they’re gonna be a big one for summer, especially when it comes into late summer, and you’re spending everyday hanging about the beer gardens dreaming of winter and big coats.

The other stand out for me is the pale green ones, it’s similar to that ‘wasabi’ colour that Oi Polloi did a few years back, but a bit more muted and in suede, which everyone knows is well better than leather. I slept on the wasabi colour way but I won’t be with these, they’re too good not too. It’s the only green shoe I’d camp out all night for, but I won’t.

SandPale Green

If none of them take your fancy then they’ve also got the classics as well, like the cola suede. Buy a pair, be a Wally Champ. Have a look at their website here.