The home of The Garbstore brand is situated in the lower ground floor in The Couverture and Garbstore shop in Notting Hill, London. Featuring the collection of Ian Paley’s talent. Paley has a unique insight to design, something very few designers have to this day. He’s used a very original idea, referencing post World War II garments and re-imaging the design and by putting his own stamp on them he makes them historically ‘new’. This is captured in his new 2015 Spring/Summer Collection, “South Shelter” look book.


The photos captured in a Victorian swimming pool in Manchester, contrast well to show the elegant works of Paley with his take on past to present designs. The collection takes on the idea of ‘strength’ – the layers within the fabric’s construction give it an individuality. The first step, is the subtle detailing of Japanese woven jacquards which then go under the process of extra dying tech-niques to uniquely change their appearance. By using Garbstore’s speciality, dyers knotweed, to give the clothing a long lasting true blue colour shown in the images below. The main changes I find in the collection are, a newer outlook and surprising individuality. Run-of-the-mill cotton is replaced by hemp and Japanese jacquards replace print to give the clothing a really authentic look. As explained, the designs take time and precision to re-image, the vintage fabrics used to create the maintenance jackets and chinos, with paint splats of bleach and oil paint enhance each piece’s indi-viduality. This technique once again, adds to this emphasis of ‘strength’. The collection shows a whole range of new lines from jackets, shirts, sweaters and much more.


Garbstore 2015 Spring/Summer Collection effectively is peculiar, yet brilliant. The idea of creating clothing from the past but is always centred on the future.

Collection to be available in stores beginning this February @ Garbstore.

Full look book available here.
Joe Redmayne.