All it takes is a quick scan of your Instagram feed, or a browse through any reputable menswear blog to see that there is only one winner when it comes to footwear this winter. What is this phenomenon I hear none of you cry (you probably all own, or lust after a pair) It’s the Red Wing boot of course.


What do we know about Red Wing? and what is it that has seemingly made it the go to boot for those who know in their droves? Red Wing hail from the great state of Minnesota (lowest
recorded temperature in winter? -51) and take their name from a Dakota tribal chief, Originally the brainchild of a shoe merchant named Charles Beckman, they were designed with hard manual labour and extremely changeable weather in mind, hence the need for fine quality, durable leather and comfortable padded soles, these were made to be worn daily, and to last.

Judging by my various social media feeds, by far and away the most popular Red Wing in our circle is the moc toe boot. Just what is it that makes it so? Well, Is it the triple stitched, incrediblY long lasting leather in a wide variety of tones and finishes? Yeah probably, or what about the contrast of that vibram sole against the leather that makes it so distinctive and has led to an army of inferior copycats? Yeah that too, or, and I think most importantly, is it that when wearing them, you feel like you could take on anything, not just weatherwise, despite the fact that you’re just off down to the high street bakers in Stourbridge?


Some may be put off by the price (a pair of the classic 6” moc toe boots will set you back at least around the £230 mark) but it has to be remembered that these boots are not just a fad,
and not likely to fall apart this time next year. With a bit of care and maintenance these boots can be a lifetime investment (the site itself stocks everything you need to keep them looking fresh and there are dozens of videos online showing you how to do so).


For those of you who want the smell and feel of leather before you buy, Red Wing have a London store on the corner of Newburgh St and Ganton St in Soho, W1F 7RZ.

Also available at various retailers such as Peggs & Son, End Clothing, Oi Polloi and Stuarts London.