The other half of Proper Magazine, Neil Summers, has done his ‘Top Three’ to coincide with our giveaway over on our Instagram.

Picking your favourite three jackets is a bit like trying to choose your favourite Beatles song or deciding which disgraced 1970s TV star that you’d like to burn on a bonfire first? too much choice man. So after hours of deliberation I’ve gone down the exclusive ‘ner-ner-ner-ner-ner you haven’t got one of these‘ route for this particular little trio. Three jackets that I’ve yet to bump into anyone else wearing (not that I get out that much) and which would definitely be at the top of the priority pile if my house was on fire and I had a bit of spare rescue time after getting the missus and kids out.

Nigel Cabourn x Eddie Bauer – Camouflage Kara Koram Jacket


Part waxed, goose-down, camo jacket and part vertical sleeping bag I find it hard to believe that anyone got further than their local library before having to have a nit of a sit down in this behemoth of coat let alone going up the Himalayas in it. Mind you people were miles harder back in 1953 then weren’t they? Seriously though this coat looks like it came straight out of a 1970s Action Man catalogue doesn’t it? It looks it’s best when teamed up with a pair of Eagle eyes and a bayonet scar on your check.

R.Newbold x Mountain Equipment – Polka Dot Down Jacket
I remember back in issue ten of Proper mag we featured a Newbold photo-shoot up a mountain in Japan that had this very jacket in it. I also remember thinking back then that I’d really love one of those chunky polka dot numbers whilst simultaneously thinking that there was no chance I’d ever get one. Fast forward three years later and ‘Hey presto!’ my mate Ben gets one off ebay only to find that it’s too big for him. I can remember feeling genuine anxiety pangs on my way to go and get it off him. I’m pathetic aren’t I?

No idea x No idea – ‘Looks a bit like a Bedale’ jacket
This is a recent pick up I got from the sample rails at PWVC’s mill in Manchester where over the years they have made outwear from pretty much every British clothing label you can think of, big and small. It had a couple of little tags attached to it with hand-written notes saying where they’d adjusted the zips on the hunting pocket etc. but other than that there was no big clues to just who exactly this sample was made for. It’s really well put together and has a lovely red lining that contrasts nicely with the subtle black watch tartan pattern. It’s look like the result of a Barbour/Filson/WWM three-way but if anyone does know what exactly it is or who it was made for then please let me know. Unless of course it’s from Bench or Firetrap or summat then I’d just rather you kept it to yourself.


Thanks to Neil for this, and if you haven’t already bought Proper then head to their website, or enter the competition on Instagram and be in with the chance to win a freebie.