To coincide with our competition with Proper, we asked Mark to give his top three, but he’s gone and been awkward and done four.

I was asked to do this top three jackets weeks ago now, but I’ve genuinely been unable to choose three jackets that stand out above the others. I’m such a geek. If I’d kept all the ones I’ve sold I’d probably have ended up having a coat meltdown and driving to Dundee in my bare feet.

What I’ve finished up with are four and half. Sorry if that fucks with your OCD. It does with mine, but if I can handle it you can too.


Engineered Garments Mountain Parka
I eyed this up and down while licking my lips and knew right there and then we were destined to be together. Engineered Garments make coats that pretty much nailed the heritage thing without ever being cliched. They’re brilliantly made, with top fabrics, good details and they fit bang on. This one is black. I like that it’s black. I’m not one for bright red or bright yellow. I wish I was but it doesn’t really suit me, so this stealth steez is right up my street. I sometimes wear an outrageous fleece Sunny Sports muffler with it, just to bring colour to the lives of those around me.

Journal Standard Parka

It has a name but all you need to know is it’s a coat. Or a jacket. Or a parka. What I like about this is it’s like something a grown up Japanese hiker Dad would wear having spent 6 months in Manchester around 1992. It’s got that Nineties North West anorak thing going on a bit, but without being too Northside. A modern fit, basically. I like it so much I bought both colours.

Eddie Bauer smock

The details on this are what I like. It’s not that wearable unless it’s snowing. I’m not one for wholesale dressing up like Action Man, but a beard with a couple of weeks thickness and a massive hat during winter and I end up looking pretty pleased with myself. The drawstring thing is on the outside, which hints at utility. No fumbling about inside the jacket when it’s minus 4 degrees. It says ‘Patent Pending’ on it, which I like. It’s like they’re saying “We had this idea right, but they’ve not said it’s ours yet so we’re going to assume it is, don’t tell anyone”. Patent Pending also sounds like someone who collaborated with UB40 in the mid-90s.

Woolrich Smock

More wearable than the Eddie Bauer one, the colour is what I like about this. And the fact it fits bob on. Oh and the fact it cost me 59 pence off the famous auction site over 10 years ago. eBay was a more innocent place in those days. I paid silly postage, btw but it sounds less impressive when I say it cost me $1 plus $25 postage. I like how this zips right up. I’ll never sell it. We’ve seen it all, me and that smock.

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