So we annoyed Bruce Gorrie into doing his top three, and there is some absolute corkers. He’s the one brave enough not to wear a hat, he’s Scottish though so it was probably t-shirt and shorts weather to him.

Stone Island 20 Anni Fibre Optic Light Jacket
A beautiful jacket but more importantly a jacket that LIGHTS UP. A pure white jacket that, due to the fibre optics, cannot be washed, dry-cleaned or otherwise laundered and LIGHTS UP. An utterly ludicrous, impractical and borderline insane concept and therefore thrillingly magnificent and wonderful. A chocolate teapot, a square football, six impossible things before breakfast. 14 years old, still spotless and still functioning as it is kept inside 5 dust bags in a hermetically sealed dungeon at my house and anyone who touches it, bar me, is immediately executed.

6876 Capandula
From far and away my favourite label of the last 20 years, one of the most distinctive and effective jacket designs ever drawn. Economy of line, spare and simple yet immediately recognisable. The plain example here is a sample and as such the only one of this version in the world, which is about as one-upmanship as it gets but I also include it alongside the camo Maharishi collab to illustrate how adaptable the basic, perfect template is in accommodating pattern. Must stop typing, I’m welling up with raw coat emotion.

Nanamica Gore-Tex 3/4 Soutien
Nanamica staple, this one is two seasons old. A blissful marriage of form and function based on a classic Mac design then embellished with delicate detailing like the text round the buttons, dark tartan under the collar and the leather on the pull tabs. Subtly cut yet weatherproof with the modest exterior concealing taped seams and a beautiful aqua lining that both contrasts and harmonises with the dark navy body.  Wearable at the football or at a funeral. Decent sized pockets for pilfering sausage rolls if the latter.

Thanks to Bruce for this, give him a follow on Twitter – @BruceGorrie.