This time it’s the choices of menswear pioneer, Kenneth Mackenzie. Since starting 6876 in 1995, Kenneth has gone onto create some of the most sought after and revered jackets in the ‘menswear’ scene, going on to work with brands such as Rohan, Fred Perry and Cash Ca.

Left Hand Thermonuclear joint 1993


I have never owned any Stone Island or CP Company and actually in terms of aesthetic prefered the modernity of Left Hand and MO Production.I really like that this is actually a sample with no branding,the dye has ran and it survived a flood in my old flat which gives it added character


Sabotage pullover jacket 1994


This German brand in terms of design and production techniques was a large influence on me in the period before the founded 6876. The fusion of military and sportswear was interpretated in a unique way and i got to know the people behind the company during various trade exhibitions and was lucky enough to be given various items including their amazing sweatshirts and this jacket.


Patagonia Dragon fly 2006


Probably my favourite brand of all time and a really directional jacket at the time. I have various versions of this style but this is the first edition and is an incredibly lightweight style which packs away into a mini bag that you can place even in a trouser pocket.


6876 Willard jacket


One of my own designs that I have worn continually since its release and still stands up now. Also reminds me of a great time when we manufactured in Italy and had a great team. Cotton/Pu Limonta outer shell,thermoloft custom quilted lining and added dog bites on the sleeve courtesay of my neighbours dog.


Paul Smith: Reversable laser cut bonded Raincoat


Seems like i’ve always had connections to this brand since i’ve been involved with fashion in some way as well as its ex employees. Also one of the first brands i bought in my early days in London and although i haven’t for a while this jacket i really like and was given to by PS after some resource sharing.


We’d like to thank Kenneth for taking out time to do this and look forward to seeing more of his future project. In the meanwhile, head over to 6876 and see why 6876 are such a well respected brand.