What do you get when you cross the good minds from Proper, Stand and Halcyon? Prandyon? Halstoper? Nope, just a very good magazine about how great the World Cup really is.


Mundial magazine is a one off magazine about stories and times from the World Cup written by a lot people we know mainly through the wonderful world of Twitter. Limited to only 2014 copies, get it? these are fastly going from various retailers such as Casual Connoisseur and Steeple Pine. With articles ranging from Copa Mundials, Andrea Pirlo to the fictional careers of each World Cup mascot, Mundial isn’t your normal run of the mill FourFourTwo insert.



Mundial is a step apart from any World Cup magazine prior to its release, the stories from people who’ve been there and experienced it as a fan, rather than a journalist are what makes it so good. The articles on the coolest kit, favourite boots and fond memories of the World Cup are great and something that everyone can relate to. So yeah, buy one.



If you are also a fan of the World Cup and clothes then Mundial are hosting an event at Camp & Furnace in Liverpool this Thursday, starting at 6 o’clock.

Follow them on the social networks at; @MundialMag