Fellow blogger and friend, Dan Morrow, is up for his ‘My Top Three’. @onemanconnoisseur over on Instagram or check out his blog on Oneman.

Engineered Garments Storm parka

Its got ‘storm’ written all over it, the hoods my favourite thing about it, a jacket should always have a decent hood, peaked with a decent fastening at the back. Its got it! Great jacket with a ridiculous amount of pockets as per usual… too many in fact. Only problem with it is the belt as I’m sure everyone will agree, the weight of the buckle drags it to the floor but you can’t wear the jacket without it, its just not right… is it? The amount of times I’ve nearly lost the thing.

Margret Howell fold Away Anorak

Everyone needs a yellow jacket, right? This nearly came with me to the boat trip at the weekend but you can’t wear the cunt with Edwins, as the denim runs like mad. Picked this up in a sale, £365 down to £90, I think… Its always a jacket I’ll remember because I got a smack in the face that week by a commuter which I probably deserved. I like the fact it can be folded away, but I’m not sure I’d ever need to.

Batten Travel Shell Parka 60/40

Wanted this for ages, hassled our GingerFox for his a number of times but no luck, picked this up in the End Sale just after Christmas. It has to be by far one of the best jackets I’ve ever owned and will own. I guess like the yellow jacket thing, I also needed an orange one too. Polyester Cotton Mix Lining, which you can certainly feel, a fair amount of pockets with a rear zip closure like the traditional mountain parka, you know the film. Could of done with a peaked hood on it though!

Thanks to Dan for this, check out his blog in the link at the start, it’s good.



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