Today, we bring you the ‘My Top Three‘ from one half of Casual Connoisseur, Dan Connoisseur.

However, the vast array of jackets means we bring you a special, ‘My Top Six’.

A Bathing Ape Goretex overjacket/shirt

That’s NOT casual etc, etc…. I got this from the land of the rising sun, I didn’t go there but it sounds cooler than saying eBay doesn’t it? It’s straight from the 70′s outdoor pioneer labels and is probably based on something from that era, which is always cool. Check out the North Face inspired studs and (almost pointless) but nice details you’d only really get from trendy Japanese streetwear brands, like that velcro neck label.
I think I like this most because I’m not likely to see anyone else in it.


6876 Sonora
 This is coolio, it’s brighter than Stephen Hawking and only about 50 were made, so again it’s one you won’t see many others in – which in this age of every man and his casual dog wearing reissue trainers and goggles, it’s what it’s all about for me. I  had this on when my team finally won at Wembley at the fifth time of asking, which was nice.

Engineered Garments Ground Jacket

One of my favourite jackets from one of the best labels out there in my opinion, most of what they do is cool, but this is pretty underrated. It’s like a luxury play on the classic coach jacket. I’ve got this in 5 different colours/patterns including the original navy and a lined chambray one, I had two of the flowery ones aswell but they were too Auntie Hazel, even for me. Has a snap off hood and probably looks better without it.


REI Goretex Parka
Recreational Equipment Inc or ‘REI’ as they say in Japan/Oi Polloi is one of the old school outerwear brands from the US, founded in Seattle as far back in the 30′s. Whilst all that mountain man ‘heritage’ thing went from the underground to the hipsters, to the high street a while ago, it’s still a cool thing for me. This is pretty basic and a classic syle but look at the colour.

Cabelas duck camo parka

This is from an old hunting label in the US, shooting animals is not cool, but some of the stuff the folk who do it in, does look cool though. Like this. The fact everyone always asks about it and it’s Goretex gives it special bonus points. If you can see it, that is.


Orvis Yachting jacket
It’s like something Jean-Michel Basquiat might have designed. It’s like something a Dutch football hooligan might have worn with a mullet during Euro ’88. I don’t think I’ve ever worn it (yet), but it’s fucking ace isn’t it? isn’t it?

A massive thanks to Dan for this, they’re the reason you’re probably reading this but their site is cool as, check it out here;


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