We asked well dressed dad Christian Hilton to give us his top three.

Norse Projects X Oi Polloi Kaare
Always loved ‘old school’ hiking gear, like my old man wore.  Remember him having Chris Bonington pieces from both Berghaus and Belstaff (the latter of which in their Dalesman smock, was a ‘clear point of reference’ for the Kaare design).Was first sold on the magnificent orange, which looks ace with dark denim, and brings to mind Nordic Mountain Rescue steez.  It’s only once you’ve felt the thickness of the double cotton used in these jackets that you appreciate how ace they are.  What’s even better is that over time, they wear in acely,  just like a decent pair of Selvedge jeans.  Really loosen up and start to fit you even better.Ended up getting the navy from that first release, then later added to grey from the second run.  All great, but orange still shades it for me.

Barbour X ToKiTo Hunting Jacket
Had to have a bit of Barbour in there! Nearly went with their Original Greens 75th anniversary International Jacket that I’ve got, but instead went this.  It’s the pockets for me that do it on this one.  Yep, it’s a bit busy, especially with all them press studded fastenings, but it is a belter.  Good hood on it too.The ‘vintage aged’ cotton works well, and shows that it’s not just with waxed jackets that Barbour know their stuff.I enjoyed a fair bit of that ToKiTo range when they were working together; a couple of the tweed jackets were also smart.

This style has since been re done under there Dept (B) range I think.

6876 X CashCa Sonora
Would have been the original yellow from ’07, but sold on a bit ago (with arrival of kids) so was desperate to get this release.Does everything that we’ve come to expect from KMcK at SixEight76: understated modernist quality; with a knowing nod to materials and technology.A great colour as well this; much deeper, rusty colour than the earlier yellow version.  Both stunners in different ways.

A massive thanks to Christian for this, top guy and a huge collection. Follow him on Instagram, @hiltonshoegazer.


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